Kidz Quarantine

Because Kids Make the Creepiest Zombies

Even the innocence of youth cannot save you when the zombie virus hits. Luckily this year we have a special Kidz Quarantine specifically designed to train their agile minds and body to avoid the inevitable attacks. Mom and Dad can battle the zombies on the course knowing their children are safe and secure in this zombie-free zone.

  • The Kidz Quarantine
  • The Kidz Quarantine

    • Summerville Dance Academy will be on site with moves made to confuse even the smartest of zombies (if there ever was such a thing). Learn a step or two in the art of misdirection while gaining the balance, grace, and agility of a dancer to help you slip through the undead fingers that grasp you.
    • Charleston Jump Castles will be on hand to help you get big air and learn the art of avoidance. If you can learn to maintain you equilibrium and composure on even the most unstable of surfaces then jumping obstacles on the path to freedom will be no problem on your route to survival.
    • Bricks 4 Kidz takes something as innocuous as Legos and building blocks and turns them into one of the most important survival training tools in our camp. In this part of our survival training camp your child will be taught the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, built around model plans created by engineers and architects. A stronger, smarter brain may make for a tastier meal for the zombies, but it also makes for a more elusive prey.
    • Lowcountry Bubble Soccer ups the physical training by teaching the art of both evading and executing attacks. Fine tuning your child’s evasive maneuvers takes on a new meaning when they are encased in a bubble which makes it hard to hide. Bubble Soccer ups the ante on fun by making it possible to annihilate friends without injury, perfect practice for the real deal when the zombies come begging for your brains.
    • Last but not least are the Nerf War Zone and Laser Tag Territory, classic weapons training all zombie hunters will need in order to survive. What’s your weapon of choice, a rifle or a crossbow? With hundreds of weapons to choose from it will be hard to leave the War Zone without having mastered at least a few.
  • Safe from Infection
  • Safe from Infection

    All of the above activities and more are included in the admission of the Kidz Quarantine, but the best part?

    Parents, you don’t have to hang out here all day! We know how hard it will be to drag the kids away from this place specially designed for them, but there are other activities that YOU want to partake in too. Such is the dilemma of most events. We have created the solution! We will be using a special check-in system designed to keep your children safe in the care of our staff while you are free to roam the grounds, run the race, do whatever it is adult survivors want to do. Only you will be allowed to remove your child from the Quarantine area (we can’t have them risk infection) and there will be so much to occupy their time that even when you come to pick them up we can’t guarantee they’ll want to leave. This service is included in the price of admission, too.

    So bring the whole family to enjoy the nicer side of the zombie apocalypse.

    Adult runners and zombies get one free KidZ ticket per registration.

    Under 4 free
    4-17 years old $15/$25 (after Nov. 1)/child
    Buy 4 tickets get 5th free ***(add group package on site) 5 for $60/$100 (after Nov 1)

    Register as a Little Monster


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