Zombies Hate Fast Food

Purpose: Survive the rUNdead 5K race course by navigating your way through trails and open clearings plagued by ZOMBIES without losing your health flags. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 finishers per age group with and without flags. An extra health flag can be gained by donating 5 canned goods to the Lowcountry Food Bank on site (minimum weight of 1lb, 5 packs of taco seasoning don’t count).

  • General Runner Info
  • General Runner Info

    The Appetizer Teen Race - By Paragon
    Ages 13-17
    Starts at 11:00am
    Limited to 200 runners $35/$50 (after Nov. 1)

    The Main Course 5K
    Starts at 1:00pm (chip timing with waves every 5 minutes)
    Limited to 500 runners $45/$60 (after Nov. 1)
    Awards ceremony approximately 3:00pm

    Includes rUNdead logoed aluminum water bottle, one beer token (for 21+), chip timing, bib, flag belt with 3 detachable flags, quarantine entrance and one Kidz Quarantine entrance.

Can You Make It Out Alive?

To survive the zombie apocalypse, you have to make it through the course with at least one flag remaining on your belt.

Pro-tip: RUNNERS can dress as zombies and enter the costume contest (and maybe even camouflage your way to survival).

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Team Registration

Here's another tip: there is safety in numbers. Your odds of survival are improved for this zombie run in Charleston, SC, when you can run with friends as decoys/bait. Get a group of 10 together and run for $10 off per person TEEN($250 total) or MAIN ($350 total).

As a group though, we ask that you also help us collect food for The Lowcountry Food Bank as a friendly competition between teams prior to the race. We will weigh what you bring separately and provide a prize to the team who has the most weight wise. And of course, if your teams brings at least 50 cans you will each get an extra health flag.

One person must pay for the entire team at once and enter as many names in as are known at the time of registration.

This is great for companies. You can submit a logo and we will announce your participation. $100 from every team registration will be donated to Lowcountry Helping Hands. It also includes 5 tickets to the KidZ Quarantine zone.

Register a Team (Teens) Register a Team (Adults)

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