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Because it's not ALL just fun and games!

This year, our goal is to help a Lowcountry lady by the name of Angel O'Brien recover from a zombie attack that claimed her right arm. Ok, so the zombies may be metaphorical, but our ability to help Mrs. O'Brien is not! By sponsoring a runner you not only get to support your runner in their efforts to run from the zombie horde, but you also get to support a great cause

Perks for the Runners

As a runner accrues sponsors, they also accrue some benefits! For example, if Mocha Johnson gets a couple of friends to sponsor him and raises $25 (total), he gets a commemorative rUNdead coin plus some extra flags to use in the race. The full list of rewards is shown further down this page.

Mocha is an all around scoundrel. And he can't run for sh%t.

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